Sibylla Deen

Sibylla DeenSibylla Deen's half-Pakistani half-English heritage makes for a striking beauty that's been turning heads for years.

But the Sydney-born actress ain't just a pretty face, earlier this year Deen was awarded Actress of the Year at IMTA (International Model and Talent Association) and has since booked appearances on some of TV’s Top Rating Drama’s including Gossip Girl.

Hailing from Sydney and now based in New York City Sibylla first appeared on Australian TV screens on Home & Away.

Spending 8 months on the show alongside Bec Hewitt before relocating to the UK where she appeared on East-enders and various TV Commercials.

Sibylla has recently been announced as the 2010 Ambassador for fashion label Forever New and alongside this will no doubt continue her meteoric rise to fame throughout 2010.