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It is possible to do your own PR. However once you realise the knowledge and skills required, as well as the amount of time and focus needed, it simply makes sense to have a highly skilled publicist and a credible PR company working for you and your company.

Some of the benefits are:

Are You A Novice, Or A Pro?

When a journalist, editor or producer receives a release from a PR company, or when you can say: "I'll get my publicist to give you a call regarding that", your credibility instantly increases.

They recognise you are serious, professional and your time is valuable. It is all about creating a professional perception because when you are regarded highly, bigger and better opportunities arise.

Save Time and Money

Public Relations is a process that takes a serious time commitment. Securing, increasing and maintaining media exposure requires a professionally persistent and consistent effort.

In print, for example, there are, typically, over a dozen phone calls made between journalists, editors, photographers, designers and printers before your piece appears.

So, if time is a sacred asset and you want to be able to leverage your time most effectively, then utilising a professional publicist saves time, while making you money.

Follow-Up Is King

One of the real arts to effective PR is the media follow-up. There is a real methodology to know exactly who to follow up, when and how much. Too little - your story is lost.

Too much - you, and your message, become annoying.

Hundreds of stories get lost everyday, for hundreds of various reasons, so if you do not have the time, knowledge and experience necessary to successfully follow-up media then you will miss dozens of placements, interviews and associated opportunities and never know why.

Relationships Are Key

Like all business, professional relationships in PR are everything.

Once you are a client you can instantly leverage hundreds of media contacts and decision makers, which MDPR have worked hard to establish, and most importantly, maintain.

In some instances we have had editors and producers say: "As soon as you have a similar story, or someone else in that area of expertise give us a call and we will run a follow-up feature or similar story".

In public relations it is all about who you know.

We Do the Work

Maybe tomorrow morning you spot a certain column in a newspaper, or you receive a new industry magazine in which you would like to feature.

Simply contact MDPR and we will do all the hard work to make it happen.

Media Watch

MDPR also has in place systems which allow for the monitoring and follow up of every story in the media.

So, if something appears which, even remotely, relates to your product, service, cause or issue then there is a very high chance we are already across it.

We can then leverage this existing coverage, via our contacts, to secure you additional, ongoing media space.