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Helping you double your media exposure using our success-guaranteed publicity methods — used on Hollywood celebrities...

MDPR — established in January 2007, is a committed public relations (PR) company specialising in assisting individuals (like yourself) and medium sized enterprise to skyrocket your media exposure or public branding. We also manage all your ongoing media requirements.

Unlike other larger PR agencies, MDPR's competitive edge focuses on personalizing our offered services to your unique requirements, no matter how complicated or "impossible-to-explain" they may be.

Put it this way: we're all about producing measurable and real life results exactly per your demands.

With an established network of key media contacts, across print, web, radio and television — including editors, producers and writers — MDPR has not only the invaluable contacts, but also the experience and knowledge to ensure your story reaches as wide an audience (across both specialised and mainstream media) as possible.









If you have a great new product, a fabulous service to promote, or a unique story to tell, this
is how MDPR will help you...

  • Clearly define your image, brand and key messages
  • Offer advice to help prepare your back end business to take full advantage of these increasing media opportunities
  • Write interesting, concise and targeted media releases to ensure they are not only read, but actually run
  • Follow up these releases until placed
  • Media Train and Mentor you, and where appropriate your key staff or stakeholders, on how to effectively present yourself, product or company with both confidence and charisma
  • Ensure each media opportunity is followed through to completion, while investigating ongoing, future media placement prospects arising from initial media exposure
  • Where possible, and appropriate, secure on-going radio and television appearances and feature articles and/or columns, thereby keeping you and your product or company in front of mind of the public, existing and potential customers as well as competitors.
  • Operating under a simple fee-for-service arrangement MDPR will, within a short period, secure media placement and exposure worth tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars.

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